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Spring Raffle

Photo of Rocksy the Rocket attending the Spring Raffle.The University of Toledo Athletic Department’s Spring Reverse Raffle & Auctions will take place on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at Savage Arena. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. This event benefits all Rocket Student-Athletes and also features the chance to win many cash prizes throughout the night including the $7,500 grand prize!

Tickets for the Reverse Raffle are available for purchase now from one of the committee members or by calling 419-530-5316. Tickets are limited to 350 for the event, and we sell out every year!

Ticket Price: $150
This includes:


Feel free to reach out to one of the committee members below to purchase your ticket to the Reverse Raffle.

2019 Reverse Raffle Committe Member Listing

Craig Barrow 312.953.3430
Scott Bollin 419.466.0734
Julie Caris 419.466.8948
Ellen Critchley Pittman 419.535.0068
John Day 419.262.7757
Randy Deniston 419.467.4954
Joe Fink 419.841.6729
Jay Gast 419.350.5235
Duane Horst 419.841.3333
Dave Langendorfer Jr. 419.509.3000
Doug Mallette 419.290.6815
Mike Mayo 419.467.1152
Gretchen Murawa 419.708.5116
Bryan Ohm 419.346.3919
Jack Pasienza 419.705.8693
Paul Rahe 419.475.9728
Stan Rinda 419.346.2236
Ron Schafer 419.345.1844
Ron Vail 419.356.6055
Don Warner 567.868.4271

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